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Caring Canadians Society
About Us

What We Do

Caring Canadians Society has been working since 2019 to serve the less privileged members of the London community. We are successfully running a food, clothing & essentials bank for low-income individuals and families in London, Ontario. We also have ongoing campaigns for the homeless in our city in the form of hygiene & winter drives. Our organization regularly collaborates with other charity organizations & shelters in the community and supports their initiatives. We organize special meals for the vulnerable for events like New Years, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Eid. Starting 2021, we are also organizing certain events geared towards seniors.

Moreover, Caring Canadians Society is also working in under-developed regions in Pakistan: by building water wells & hand pumps, providing education to poor children, and by providing special equipment to those with disabilities.

What We Strive to Do Everyday

Our Mission

We aim to provide instant relief to those in need of basic life necessities. We organize a wide range of charitable programs for vulnerable individuals and families.

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Words from the Founder & President, Amna Saleem

Our Journey

When I came to Canada in 2012, I left behind an incomplete charity project of building a senior home in a poor area of Pakistan. For a couple of years, I kept feeling uncomfortable about not being able to do what I wanted to do back home. I started my search to see how I could help those in need in my new home country, Canada.

Soon I realized there were many in need in our city of London, Ontario. On a very personal level, I started helping the needy around me with the help of my friends. One day, I thought of sharing my desire to do something on a more community-wide level and requested people in my community to come and join hands. Hence, the first informal name of our community group came to be “Hands in Hands”.

In no time, there were hundreds of people who became part of my journey, and we started organizing several small campaigns for the homeless and underprivileged families in our community. An increasing number of people were seeing the reflection of our work and the number of people joining my mission increased day-by-day.

At this point, our work had grown so much, and we started collaborating with other charitable organizations and shelters in our city. In 2019, we officially registered as a not-for-profit organization and adopted our current name “Caring Canadians Society”. Then, we also started running our Food, Clothing & Essentials Bank in London.

Over the years, our charitable work has garnered the appreciation of our community, and we received the “Partnering with Purpose” award by United Way for our extensive efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic. I am also grateful to be recognized as the “Face of London 2021” by the London and Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership. Not only that, but our efforts were also shared by members of Parliament in the House of Commons.

We will continue to increase our efforts to better our community in every possible way, but we will always need your support.

How Can You Help?

You can help by donating to or volunteering with
Caring Canadians Society.